Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 22 – Progress

This week was highly productive. (For my European friends, who are still in Thursday as I write this, remember I am in your future timezone!). A substantial part of the game infrastructure went into place this week. It gave me a lot of confidence in my progress. After all, I have been writing this for quite a while and it gets to the point where you seem to be just building foundations for the game, and you wonder where the game is!?

So my plan by the end of next week, is to have a thin line through the game completely working so I can test it, and play it. There is still the most important part to get right, the fun,  the playability, but I have done a lot of work on that I can build from. Meetings for the rest of the day, so the game continues next week!

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