Football Manager, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Software Development and Delivery

My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 20 – Coffee shops

… Not the Amsterdam variety!… But, I do spend a lot of time in them, working. I like being where people are. Writing software like this is a solo, hermit-like job. But that is not my preference. So, I go to coffee shops, with my laptop and 3G modem. And, I do lots of work there. The noise and movement around me doesn’t affect my concentration. I have a tunnel vision and can barely notice where I am, I am in the world inside the computer where I am working.  I even once looked up an saw a strange person staring at me. I had been in the coffee shop for 2 hours and worried how long they had been staring as I was concentrating so hard I would not have noticed! 🙂

When I finish this game, I wonder what percentage of it will have been written in coffee shops, quite a bit I think?

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