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My iPhone/iPad Football Manager Game 18 – Week review

Well apart from looking at the iPad there has been plenty of work to do. I had a plan at the beginning of the week to complete the work on the Season. I previously have written a lot of software components related to this, so I was drawing them all together, and making it work.

The week was an odyssey through simple to use code that I had designed well, components that needed adapting, and restructuring the database. As the week went on I had the pleasure of seeing more of my design coming together, and the abstract of code turning in to the real solid stuff of functionality. Over the months I have become very comfortable and proficient in coding in Objective C for the iPhone. I have grown to like the development environment, mostly!

So the Season part is nearly there, not quite what I wanted by now, but it was a week of heavy productivity and I am satisfied.  I am left enthusiastic to continue on from here.

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