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My iPhone Football Manager Game 12 – Why do this?

This is difficult, not the writing of the my new Football Manager game, that is its own challenge, but what is difficult is what I am trying to do here, in this blog. I am trying to to log, document, communicate the process of the later stages of completing the game. I am trying to let you know the thinking processes I go through to do it, how I solve the problems, how I decide what the content should be, how it works, why it works, and what I am trying to achieve with it.
It’s difficult because I have never done it before, blogging something like this. It’s difficult because it’s hard stuff to communicate sometimes, like abstract thoughts. It’s difficult because I have a lot to live up to- the success, popularity and quality of my previous work.
But it’s also exciting and fun to be able to communicate this way. It’s fun to share this process as well as I can. And I hope it will in its way help me to produce a better game at the end of it.

2 thoughts on “My iPhone Football Manager Game 12 – Why do this?

  1. I will be following your updates with interest. One big question comes to mind. Are you trying to recreate FM in the image of the original with all of its raw and retro appeal or do you see this as an opportunity to move the idea on? I dread to think how much more powerful an iPhone is than the hardware platforms you originally coded against but this must open up new avenues.

    1. Recreating the retro appeal is something I do want to do, but I am not copying that. It draws from it in concept, you could say, but it is a complete re-write. On the other hand I am not trying to create a big game, with lots of functionality, just because the iPhone offers more to work with. What I am trying to is make something easy to use that does the basics very well, then build on that carefully over time.

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