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iPhone Development and Google Android

Someone asked me yesterday about the programming languages I know. They said “you’ve used a lot of programming languages” – I have – ” which one is your strongest?”. Objective C was my answer, the language for developing on the iPhone using XCode. But, of course I have done years of Java, it’s just that Objective C is my current language, so that is freshest. But you can’t forget all that Java. And the Android uses it, which will be interesting in the future. It seems likely that those two formats, iPhone, and Android are going to dominate the mobile market. Whilst the iPhone is great, and Apple have done a great job in many aspects with it, experience tells me that we all do better with some healthy competition.
At present Apple is definitely in the driver’s seat but Google Android will catch up fast, and that will prevent Apple getting lazy like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer etc. Consumers will benefit.

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