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My iPhone Football Manager Game 7

I am wondering how much Retro to make the game? I wonder what people want? Lots of people seem to still enjoy playing my original Football Manager, and I know it has meaning to them and nostalgia. The question is, shall I put that nostalgia and retro feel into this game?

2 thoughts on “My iPhone Football Manager Game 7

  1. I know it’s probably too late now, I’m reading this blog in order, but I would say it’s a tough call. Make it retro and I think you end up limiting your audience to those who played the original and are now iPhone owners. Alternatively there may be more younger generation users who are crying out for a good football management sim, but may be put off by the look if it doesn’t look modern.

    In addition, I think your name attached to a new football management game would be the draw, not the retro/nostalgia angle. The safer option I feel would be to leave it looking modern.

    However, perhaps if you had the time, the obvious answer was to have it come with 2 themes. Modern and Retro, and let the user decide which they prefer.

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