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Thierry Henry and Ireland, is it that hard?

Thierry Henry’s handball cost Ireland a place in the World Cup, the biggest event in Football. No wonder they are angry, and a lot is aimed at Henry. But what about FIFA? I watch Rugby regularly and questionable trys are put to the TV official who can review what happened in slow motion and help get the decision right.

Is it that hard for Football? It’s not even necessary to put the decision onto the already pressured referee. Just give the coaches of each team a certain number of dispute calls, and maybe an extra one for any goal in the last five minutes. The disputes could go to TV for decision. In the big games there are millions of dollars at stake and TV is always there. It is antiquated and backward looking to not use it. It just makes referees into scapegoats. Managers and coaches make mistakes too, but a referee not being able to see all corners of a pitch during a high speed match leads to mistakes that he cannot help. Technology can stop this. It is not that hard to do. Those in power are just refusing to.

As Trapattoni is indicating here, where is the leadership from Sepp Blatter on this?
(Video and Arsene Wenger’s wise reaction on my fanpage)

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