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Daily Record have wiped me out of history!

I was sent this article to look at. I was amazed to read the following excerpts:
“It’s all a far cry from the first version of the game, developed by the Everton-mad Collyer brothers Oliver and Paul, which launched in 1982 for the late, lamented ZX Spectrum computer.

Players in those days simply picked a team in the Fourth Division of English football and tried to work their work up the leagues. It was an instant hit and was named Strategy Game of theYear in 1983.

Five years later, the second in Football Manager appeared, with better graphics and the ability to choose formations, training and substitutions. By this time, the game was on the Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64 and Amstrad computers.

The game morphed into Championship Manager in 1992 and is still known as “Champ Man” by many fans. But in 2004, the Collyers’ company Sports Interactive teamed up with Sega and the latter-day version of Football Manager was born the following year.”

It’s simply not true!!! The Collyer brothers had nothing to do with the Football Manager written by me and launched in 1982.

The truth is I wrote Football Manager in 1981. I launched Addictive Games to sell it in January 1982. I wrote and launched the Spectrum version in 1982. I won the Strategy Game of the Year award. I wrote Football Manager 2 a few years later. The games were number 1 sellers, sold in the millions, and I am credited with founding the genre of Football Manager style games.

Yet the Daily Record have written this obviously with either not checking the accuracy of what they are saying or even possibly deliberately writing me out of the history of the game genre I started!


5 thoughts on “Daily Record have wiped me out of history!

  1. Sorry to hear that.

    I don’t think it was done deliberately, I think that the Daily Record have incorrectly assumed that your original Football Manager game is part of the later series by the Collyer brothers. I’m guessing it’s just a case of shoddy Journalism.

    In any case, I would leave a comment on the article pointing out their error.

  2. yes, rather inaccurate. firstly, their name is ‘Collier’ and, secondly, when your game was first released they would have been about ten years old..

  3. my post in the ..

    “Football Manager was written in 1981 by Kevin Toms (the Collyer Brothers were probably still wearing short trousers at that time) and published by his own company, Addictive Games. The Spectrum version being available in 1982.

    ‘Kevin Toms Football Manager’ was, incredibly, ported to 14 different formats and was still found on sale ten years after it was written.

    Championship Manager, an entirely different game, was released in 1992 by the Collyer brothers and published firstly by Domark and then, after acquisition, by Edios. After splitting with them in February 2004 the developers of Championship Manager (Sports Interactive) retained the rights to the source code but not the name. Hence their latter games were named Football Manager (and have no relation to Kevin Toms Football Manager.)

    Championship Manager (by Beautiful Game Studios) is still published by Eidos, as is an Online version (Championship Manager Online) created by a seperate developer, Jadestone.

    Whilst not the first football management game released, Kevin Toms is widely regarded as the father of the genre. With his photo printed on the sleeve his face was recognisable as with any 80’s icon and his games sold in the millions.”

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