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Simple Games Design for iPhone

It’s been a few years since the most popular games were simple straightforward games. In the genre I am best known for, Football Manager games, even more so. Over time the games have got more and more complex.
But the iPhone is disrupting the pattern. It’s hard to play a complex game on the iPhone. It is a small device, and many people use it for casual relaxation. It’s not the best device for hardcore games. The market for games on the iPhone is evolving fast. Nobody knows what is going to work long term. With every successful game on the iPhone comes an examination of what makes it successful. This is so that people can work out what they need to do to make theirs successful
In Design, as well as Games Design, simplicity that works is the hardest to achieve, – harder than complexity. Simplicity being harder to achieve than complexity is not intuitive. If you look around at design however, you will notice that the most successful designs are surprisingly simple. – Or at least they seem to be when you look at them after they are done.

The Mona Lisa smile is not difficult for an artist to paint. But, to create it the first time?

2 thoughts on “Simple Games Design for iPhone

  1. Hi! A Dutch fan here. Although I always hated soccer (as one of the few in my country…), I loved your Football Manager 2 game (IBM PC version) that my brother bought. I still must have the box somewhere, as I “borrowed” it from my brother. He also bought another edition (World Cup Edition if I’m not mistaken) later, I believe from the EDOS distribution system (or something like that) that was a budget distribution system popular in my country.

    I understand your choice of platform for your new game (iPhone and iPod Touch) completely and wish you all the luck with it! I was wondering though: what do you think of the current PC casual game community scene like Big Fish Games? Do you see any advantage for indie developers to get their games to the masses?

    Best regards, Vincent

    1. Thanks. It’s interesting that you enjoy the game even though not a football fan! I guess that means I got the gameplay right.

      Regarding Big Fish etc, I believe anything that makes it possible for indie developers to get a return on their work and to get their work out to people has to be good. It there are thousands of indie developers able to focus on games creation and not limited by either not being able to distribute the game to people, or not being able to make any money to survive, I think that is what we should want.

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