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Apollo astronauts and the Lottery

I was reading about the Apollo programme. One of the most interesting parts was how they coped with coming down to earth. How do you cope with this – “you are walking on the moon, and a short time later you are at a barbecue at a neighbour’s house”.  -From mind stretching, mind blowing experience, to the mundane and routine, in days. Many people have trouble coping with high points in life. The astronauts also had to cope with the consequence of striving for years, achieving a dream, then wondering what to do with the rest of your life. “At 39 years old, he had already done the greatest thing he would do in his life, what do you do from there?”.

The music business produces this experience for people. They dream of pop stardom, they strive, they get it. Then it doesn’t solve anything, and they get lost. Lost sometimes in drugs, drink and wasting of what they have. Often it’s because the only plan was to make it, which seemed only just possible anyway. But it was possible so worth going for. But having got there, there was no plan for what to do next.

I remember saying to someone once -“Imagine that you won the lottery, no REALLY imagine it. Not only would it change your life, but imagining that can tell you how much of what you do, day to do, is important. Are you on a treadmill where you assume that you have to do stuff, that you have no choice. But if you really DID win the lottery you would have to change all those values, like you won’t need to work, you won’t need to build up money, so what is your life for, what REALLY counts.”

.. Sometimes we are so close to the treadmill we are on, we can’t see that it is time to change the treadmill!

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