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Retro Gamer interview – finally read it!

It took ages for the Retro Gamer interview to reach me here in New Zealand, and I only read it now because a friend sent me a pdf of it. It was well written and entertaining. What it also reminded me of, was not only some of the events and history of what I did, and the industry I was involved with; but that I was there at the very beginning, at the beginning of an industry that is now bigger than the Hollywood movie industry, and possibly more influential.

I had written a game, a game that I thought was good. But, there was nowhere to sell it! No shops selling games, no computer fairs, nothing. Some people I dealt with at the time thought that computer games would be a passing fad! Laughable now, but it was seriously put to me at the time to be prepared for when the computer game craze passed.

The only way I could reach my customers was by black and white ads in hobbyist games magazines. And the only way I could get the games to them was by post.

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