14 thoughts on “Perhaps I should write a new game..

  1. Thought about doing a football management game for the iPhone? There seems to be a severe lack of the (certainly any good ones) on the iPhone.

    1. Certainly I have thought about mobile phones in the past. They were a fragmented market at one time, very similar to the early 8 bit days, but that is improving

  2. Of course you should Kevin.Remember that geezer from the eighties who wrote one called Football Manager?? I must try and work out how many hours of my life I spent playing that. I guess it would come out in weeks rather than hours all told….

    Given the capabilities of modern technology – there is always room for the ‘Ultimate’ FM game – even better than those on the market today. I look forward to your new effort”;)

  3. Not a bad idea – I would buy one. I think a mobile phone version would be good – you could play it when on aeroplanes, trains etc.

  4. Hi, i’d love to see another game from you. No, i don;t blame you for denying me sunlight for a considerable portion of my childhood. If i could be bold enough to make a suggestion…

    Please retain the simplicity of your original game. I know things have advanced but i think what people want is an engaging and interactive game that’s not tantamount to actually having another job! Playing Championship Manager is to take on all the terirble time consuming stresses and responsibilities. what i loved about Football manager was the surface simplicity that masked the hidden depths. If there was a way to combine the detail with a far less fussy (but responsive) interface, that’s be fantastic.

    love the blog


  5. Please remake the original FM for Java phones! Every recent FM game is too complicated, and my dad is complaining that Spectrum Emulator (and therefore your Football Manager) wont work on his new nokia. He’d happilly pay for a working mobile version. I’m sure thousands would.



  6. You should, I think, look at the IPhone.. the games market for that is growing and growing… Personally you should step over the java market… bit restrictive nowadays..

    Oh and then once it`s on the IPhone… port it over to the new Pandora Handheld

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