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Football Manager – the name

Football Manager, Football Manager. I never realised the name had so much value. Until Sports Interactive purchased the name Football Manager from the company that bought if from me a long time ago. So now it has a new life as Football Manager 2008, nothing to do with me now. Hmmm…

7 thoughts on “Football Manager – the name

  1. Ah, but whenever I hear people talking about the new Football Manager games (formerly Championship Manager) I’m now constantly reminded of your classic in my youth.

    I’ll never forget the sound of the ball being passed around in your game. So many great memories.

    Thanks for starting the awesome legacy Kevin.

  2. Watching ITV’s current EURO 2008 reminds me of the late, great Football Manager on the C64 and Spectrum. Its so pixellated its untrue!!

    BBC HD rules! LOL.

    Kevin, did you write all formats? Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad etc?

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Any chance of someone doing your original game for pocket PCs?

    I know i could play it through an emulator, but a dedicated pda version would be awesome.


  4. Hi Kevin
    I’m playing Football manager on the c64 as I write this. The game still great and my son and I have been playing it all evening.
    I’m sure during my teenage years I spent a full year playing the game, missing many hours of study time for my GCSE’s.
    Thanks for a great game. Oh and poor GCSE results.

  5. I was wondering if you made any money from the football manager name, i guess you did, but not a lot as you sold the rights. I can still picture your mug from the front copy of my cassette of football manager for the spectrum!

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