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Software Star

This was a business game I wrote after Football Manager. Simple to play but lots of fun. I remember one person writing to me and complaining, because it was possible to succeed in the game sometimes by using hype. -And when you did that, it was more powerful than honesty in its impact. What they did not like was that hype was more potent than honesty. They felt that was immoral.  My thinking was, it’s just a game, entertainment, but funnily enough, hype when it is believed in real life DOES tend to bring greater results than honesty. Sad but true, I am sure you can think of examples….

2 thoughts on “Software Star

  1. I loved playing this game. I actually wrote to you back then (I wasn’t the one that wrote about the hype though) (I was in my early teens) with some ideas for Software Star 2. I guess I was hoping there was more SS to come. 🙂

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