Games, The 80s

Kick Off!

Hi, yes, I am the author of the original Football Manager series of games which came out in the eighties and nineties for various computers, such as: • Sinclair Spectrum • Commodore 64 • Amstrad CPC • Atari ST • Amiga • IBM PC • and others. I also wrote Software Star, President, and I recently created an online Football Management game

4 thoughts on “Kick Off!

  1. Hi Kevin, I was a Football Manager addict in the 80’s. I had a C64 and I spent many a day taking teams from Division 4 to the top of the First Division – fantastic. Go out and do something less boring instead..? No thanks I’ll just stay here with Football Manager. Cheers

    1. You always had to start in Division 4, no matter even if you were Manchester United, Chelsea, etc etc. My decision, but, ok, do you think that made it a better game?

  2. Kevin, it was as immense game – to start in div. 4 made it for me. TBH whenever I’d got to the very top of division 1 I was just itching to scrap that team and start again!

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