2 thoughts on “It was fun!

  1. Ah Football Manager, the hours I spent. And the blurb that came with it, something like: “i once played FM for 8 hours and thoroughly enjoyed myself!” Never did manage to win division one but had a few cup victories. Many hours of fun – the delight when you knew your player was just in the right position to score. Also remember the World Cup edition where you had to decide which pep talk at half time would work. No matter what I said morale dropped!

    Congrats on one of my main childhood memories.

  2. after experiencing football manager i ‘forced’ my parents to buy me a spectrum. playing it was one of those moments in life that you realise nothing will be ever the same again. even sam fox strip poker never got a look in..

    twenty five years on people still talk about kevin toms and the game he created. yet it’s much more than that, it was a genre. we should be able to buy kevin toms mad wigs – but i think keegan has that business all sewed up..

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