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Playing my renewed Football * Manager myself!

I used to be much more regular as a blogger,  but, where I regularly update is on my Facebook, Twitter and mailing list. Another thing I am doing at the moment is playing Football Star * Manager, the renewal of my original game, on level 6, making my way up the divisions, and posting regularly on my Facebook page  and Twitter how it is going. ]

Just beat West Ham to go third in the Premier League for example… 🙂


New Game in the works

I have something I am working on, another evolution of my work, I think this will be an interesting step on my games design journey. This is a point where it is a good idea to join my mailing list to stay in touch, and because I will do this game development in a way that is a inclusive of people that play my games.. The mailing list is here

So, I will be following on from Kevin Toms Football * Manager, and Kevin Toms World Football Cup


Games Design, Kevin Toms World Football Cup

Design Evolution- Kevin Toms World Football Cup

When I wrote Football Star* Manager, it was a new multi-platform games app that honoured the design of my original Football Manager game. When I wrote Kevin Toms World Football Cup, I took Football Star* Manager and evolved it into a World Cup game. Unlike when I first wrote multiple Football Manager games over a number of years, this time I am making a careful evolution. The consequence is that improvements I make for Kevin Toms World Football Cup can also be considered for future improvements to Football Star* Manager. For example, this pre-match strategy choice, which is part of Kevin Toms World Football Cup and is new:-


Picture 464

Both games are here

Kevin Toms World Football Cup

The Challenge of writing Kevin Toms World Football Cup

It was really by popular request that I decided to create this game. It is an inexpensive adaptation of Football Star* Manager to the World Cup. In its way it is something that I perhaps should have done about 32 years ago!

But there are challenges. The World Cup Finals are short, you cannot trade players, And you cannot continue season to season. Or can you?

One of the things I decided to do was allow you to play multiple World Cups, and keep a record of your achievements over time. – Step 1 for adding games design spice to the game!

The Android version is available now here

Kevin Toms World Football Cup Picture 17

Kevin Toms World Football Cup

Kevin Toms World Football Cup = new game

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 14.26.02

It was really by popular demand. Players of Kevin Toms Football Star* Manager, – asked me to create a World Cup game. I realised a good way would be to use the best of the gameplay of Football Star* Manager, and put it into the World Cup environment, so I did.

It is almost at launch as I write this. It presented some games design challenges, and I feel I have covered those issues, so now, it’s getting it out the door, on Android first, the following with iOS and Kindle Fire. Other platforms, well, I don’t know yet.



Not blogging enough.

Kevin Toms you are not blogging often enough, you need to improve!

I am giving myself my own report :). I have plenty to say, I just need to say it. At present Football Star* Manager is on Version 3 of the match highlights. They have overall been a step up of the game and people are enjoying it.

The other thing I am getting now is regular reports of people playing hundreds of seasons of the game. It has staying power! 🙂


Football Star Manager

Match Highlights made in.. 4 countries!

The Match Highlights addition to the game, has been very much liked by players.

Picture 187

They were written over a few months and ended up being developed in 4 countries! I started them while I was still living in New Zealand. Then I made a trip to the UK. During that journey I was in Los Angeles for a few days. In my hotel room, I did more work on the Match Highlights.

Next was the UK, where I spent a couple of months in Devon. That time was focused on the Match Highlights, and layer by layer I was building the player intelligence and making it more fun.

Finally I relocated to Canada, where I now live, and the Match Highlights were completed, and further updated. So the

Match Highlights addition to Football Star* Manager… 

Built in New Zealand, U.S.A, England, and Canada! 🙂



Kaizen- Continuous Improvement of a game

I work on developing Football Star Manager, from experience, and also with a development philosophy. Based on Kaizen, the Japanese continuous improvement approach used famously by car manufacturers.

I know plenty about Agile development, having led Agile software development teams and trained and mentored in the approach. It converges on Kaizen in my view. One of the things about Agile is frequent small improvements, and plenty of support systems to make that work.

When I have told people I will regularly update the game, and I do, what I am really talking about is continually improving it, in small steps. Players who have had the game a long time will know this, and it has been commented on.

There is an associated piece which can be difficult, and that is to maintain the robustness of the game, when making so many small changes. So far I have succeeded with that.

So the Kaizen, the continuous improvements to the game, will continue, as it is a basic philosophy of software development for me.

Picture 25